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Guide to NoodleBib user guides and tutorials.

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What am I looking at? How can I cite it?


NoodleBib is a fully-integrated note-taking, citing, and documenting online resource purchased by the Phoenix College Library.  While there are many functions of NoodleBib, three features that might be of most interest to PC students and instructors are:

  1. Citations - NoodleBib is a citation generator for the latest editions of MLA, APA, and Chicago/Turabian.
    • Generates parenthetical references for citations.
    • Checks for errors in punctuation, capitalization, and abbreviations as you type.
    • Exports a bibliography to Word, Google Docs, or a webpage.
  2. Notecards - NoodleBib is an online notecard system that students can use to take notes on cited sources as well as create notecards of their own original thoughts.
    • Links notecards to sources.
    • Organizes notecards into piles.
    • Tags notecards to help students group and search for notecards.
    • Exports notecards as a webpage or Word document.
  3. Sharing - NoodleBib permits students to share their working bibliographies and notecards with others, including their instructor.
    • Easy set-up with simple drop down boxes.
    • Instructors can share comments with their students.

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What do I do when I see "Revalidate Personal Folder?"

Every August 1st, NoodleTools resets all accounts. If you are a current student at your school, access NoodleTools using this link: