Model UN Resources

a guide for students preparing for a Model UN Conference

Spring 2014 Conference

Food is a complex and pressing concern for all nations of the world. The human population continues to grow and each new mouth requires more food to survive and thrive.  

The UN Committee on World Food Security issued a warning in December of 2013 that the amount of food produced worldwide would need to increase by approximately 70% in order to meet the needs of the projected human population in 2050. Failure to meet that goal could result in widespread famine, an increase in the number and severity of those living in poverty, and even food riots. The key to avoiding these negative consequences is to start taking steps to ensure that we will be able to produce enough food not just for 2050, but for 2100 and beyond.

Participants at the Spring PC Model UN Conference will be researching short and long term strategies for meeting the challenge of feeding the world without contributing to greater inequality and avoiding the permanent destruction of the natural resources agriculture relies on. As part of that process participants will have to consider all of the differences between nations regarding food production, including the percentage of income that is spent on food. The variety of disparate views on the role and value of food will likely yield an exciting debate between delegates as they present possible solutions to the challenge.


Model UN provides tremendous experiential learning by having you step into the shoes of a UN ambassador to discuss and debate international issues.

This guide is being created to help PC librarians help you with your Model UN preparation. Much of the information and guidance here is drawn from the United Nations Assocation of the United States of America (UNA-USA) and its Global Classrooms pages about Model UN.

If you find a useful resource that is not included here, please contact librarian Christine Moore so that the information may be added and others can benefit from your research!